HOOPLA Series – 2018 HOOPLA aims to entice people to buy and read poetry books through the quality of its poets, the attraction of a series with three books launching at once, vibrant design and the accessibility of a clear narrative or theme. We like strong work that steps onto the tightrope without hesitation and […]

Daughters of Messene

ISBN 978-0-9941172-6-7 November 2015 Mākaro Fiction B format, paperback RRP $35 “Your history, Artemis, is full of female warriors.” Artemis has the name of a goddess, but she has trouble living up to it. Instead she usually just runs away. She’s running now … away from the married man she’s been seeing, and the Greek […]

The Abyssinian Mountain Lion by David McDougall

ISBN 978-0-9941069-9-5 RRP $30 David McDougall reintroduces the reader to that most excellent thing: the good yarn. Meet the neighbour with a war history who can’t help interfering with goings-on over the fence, a woman on a train who’ll go to any lengths to clear her student debt, a bunch of mates on a hunting […]

Eastbourne: an anthology

ISBN 978-0-473-26567-0 Collection of poetry, fiction, memoir and essays with line drawings by local artists A5 format, paperback, 300pp Cover art by Stacey O’Neill RRP $35 Eastbourne is a fresh collection of writing that has sprung from Wellington’s Eastern Bays. With work by acclaimed New Zealand authors and poets such as Denis Glover, Lloyd Jones, […]